Poor finance customers urged to take care of tyres

Poor finance customers urged to take care of tyres

Poor credit car finance customers have been encouraged to carry out a tyre safety check before the winter weather begins to take hold.

Ring Automotive has advised bad credit car finance customers that winter driving requires extra care and preparation, which must start with the tyres.

Snow and ice are the obvious risk when driving in the winter as it means tyres struggle to grip the road, however many fail to realise the cold, damp roads of the autumn can reduce grip and make accidents more likely.

The organisation believes motorists should check for the correct tyre pressure, adequate tread depth and the general condition of the tyres to help the tyres perform to their full potential.

Bulges mean there is damage to the internal structure of the tyre and it will need to be replaced. A tyre specialist should be consulted about any cuts.

Recent statistics show that around six per cent of all fatal accidents are due to incorrect tyre pressure.

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