Angry motorists hit back at ‘third world roads’

Angry motorists hit back at 'third world roads'

Poor credit van finance customers who have been affected by one or more of Britain's potholes may be interested to hear that other motorists are beginning to take the fight to the local authorities.

There were 22,000 successful claims for compensation after pothole damage in the UK, with the average motorist securing £200.

Simon Douglas of AA Insurance said: "Drivers are unwilling to claim as they risk losing their no-claims bonus. The cost of repair may be less than the rise in premium."

Another fact which may interest bad credit van finance customers is that the government has instructed the Highways Agency to redefine the size of a pothole that needs immediate repair.

Carparts-Direct noted that "a small pothole can crack a driveshaft. Shock absorbers fracture easily. And a suspension coil spring can snap like a carrot."

Martin Mosley of Carparts-Direct said: "In 25 years I have never known this level of destruction. It is unsafe."

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