Poor finance customers offered wet weather driving tips

Poor finance customers offered wet weather driving tips

Poor credit van finance customers have been offered a number of hints and tips to help them when the weather takes a turn for the worse and the autumn downpours begin.

Head of training at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Simon Elstow, urged drivers to clear out the plenum chamber on their vehicles.

Water and debris can build up in the tray-like areas under the bonnet, which can affect the van's electrics, causing expensive and potentially dangerous damage.

Bad credit van finance customers were also urged to reduce their speed before hitting wet leaves on the road, as Mr Elstow said they can be as dangerous as standing water.

He explained: "Bear in mind that leaves can be slippery, especially when wet. Avoid hard acceleration or braking as it can cause skidding. And be aware that there may be a dip, pothole or other road hazard hiding under those leaves covering the road."

What Car? recently urged motorists to invest in a set of winter tyres before the harsh weather takes hold in the UK.

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