Looking for Car Finance with Bad Credit?

If you are in the market currently searching for a new vehicle – maybe even your first, and are worried about how your credit rating will affect any financing options available to you, then we might be able to help. Here at Infinity Finance, we offer car finance for bad credit ratings, with just a simple application form and some ID required. bad-credit-car-finance

We’ve all been there; you’ve passed your driving test and are looking to buy a car, but you don’t want to waste time and money on a used car that might not make out the month. Vehicles like this are a huge drain on your once disposable income, so it makes sense to look for a loan or other financing towards buying a car.

Regardless of the state of your credit history, we can advance between £2,500 and £20,000 to suit your needs – whether you need a small car to get you from A to B; a people carrier now that you’re starting a family; or a van to kick-start your own business.

We take applications online or over the phone, and we can give you a decision within moments if you give us a call. All we need from you is a copy of your driver’s licence and proof of your income to finalise your finance with us.

Car finance for bad credit needn’t hold you back from getting on the road. We understand that having a form of transport is essential for many, as it means getting to and from work as well as making everyday trips to the supermarket, more convenient and time efficient.

What Do You Need from Me?

As previously mentioned, all we need from you is a few personal details, a copy of your driver’s licence and proof of income. Should your application be approved, we will advise you of the credit limit we can offer you.

With this information, you can then go about your car search safe in the knowledge that you have a means of buying a vehicle – be it a car, bike or van – that is reliable and a long term investment.

I’ve Found a Car – What Next?

Once you’ve decided on the vehicle you want to purchase and have had a test drive, simply give us a call with the details, and we will liaise with the dealership over the phone. We will send over documents there and then for you to sign, and endeavour to work alongside the dealership to ensure that the entire process is done and dusted within 48 hours. As soon as our funds are transferred to the car dealer, you will be able to drive your new car away.

We also organise an HPI check on the vehicle completely free of charge and advise you of any issues with repairs, damage, and mileage that we may find during this process – before you complete the transaction.

How Do Payments Work?

Once you have your new vehicle, you will have nothing to pay for five weeks to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your car. After that, we will take monthly payments from you. All payments amounts and dates will be agreed on by both parties. It is important not to commit to any payments that you cannot afford.

For more information or to see whether you qualify for car finance with bad credit, please do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 0161 292 8200.

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