Tips for Driving in Late Summer

Driving in the Summer is a tale of two sides: those with convertibles, enjoying the wind in their hair, breezing through the traffic; and then there are those in a standard car, feeling hot and sweaty with the sun glaring in their eyes. While most of us wish we were in the convertible, chances are, we’re actually the ones fanning ourselves and desperately trying to get the air con working.

As your local bad credit car dealer, we feel obliged to tell you that you aren’t alone. What’s more, we want you to drive safely, no matter what car you’re in, which is exactly why we have put together our top tips for driving in late Summer.

Evening drivingAvoid dangerous windscreen glare, prepare for the seasons changing ahead of time and most importantly, stay safe on the roads.

  • It’s even easier to be distracted in the sunshine – cars and motorbikes reflect light much easier, making them harder to spot, especially with the sun in your eyes. Remove all distractions possible – put your mobile phone on silent and set your music player to shuffle
  • Similarly, ask your passengers to keep from waving their arms about or making lots of noise (this is particularly the case for children) so as not to distract you from the road
  • Ensure your children are secure in their car seats and are in the right size seats for their age in the first place
  • Give your vehicle a once over before a long journey, and ensure you are prepared. Changing tyres by the roadside can be difficult if you aren’t organised!
  • Windscreen wipers need to be replaced every two years to ensure they are cleaning your windscreen effectively – ensure yours are working smoothly before Autumn hits
  • Keep your screen wash and anti-freeze liquids stocked up in preparation for the months ahead
  • Don’t ignore those warning lights – it can often indicate an underlying problem if the issue isn’t immediately apparent. Getting this looked at professionally before the weather changes is the safest way to proceed
  • Check your lights are in full working order. Buy new bulbs and replace as necessary for when the evenings start getting darker earlier
  • Check your tyres are safe to drive on the roads and ensure your tread depth is legally road worthy
  • Sunglasses are essential for driving on sunny days, but it’s also worth keeping them in the car at all times. The sun setting on the horizon can be blindingly bright at any time of the year, so keep your vision in line!

Being a responsible car owner also means being a safe driver, so by following these tips for driving in late Summer will serve you well as we reluctantly wave goodbye to the sun, and Autumn sets in.

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