Stay Safe on the Road this Bonfire Night

One of the most exciting nights of the year – Bonfire Night – is coming up on 5th November, and it will come as no surprise that people are already excited for the spectacular fireworks and bonfires taking place that night.

As we are sure you are all aware, Guy Fawkes – one of the most notorious figures in British history – famously tried and failed to blow up the houses of Parliament, and as such Firework displays are held up and down the country every year. 

While traditionally displays are held on November 5th, these days many fireworks exhibitions are held across a number of weeks throughout October and November. These unexpected explosions in the sky can cause distractions while driving, so we urge you all to stay safe on the roads this autumn.

There have been many accidents in the past on Bonfire Night and, unfortunately, they continue to take place every year.

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It is very important to take into consideration safety rules and follow preventive measures especially on roads, to ensure Bonfire Night is smooth and enjoyable for all. Here’s how you can keep yourself and family members safe while on the road this year.

Be Alert

If you are living in an area where a fireworks display is being held and driving the same night, then it is important to keep yourself mentally and physically alert. Granted, fireworks can easily startle you and it’s no surprise they are distracting with their beautiful, colourful explosions. But still, you must make an effort to concentrate while driving.

Keep your eyes on the road!

Take Care of Children and Animals

Children often enjoy Bonfire Night and while welcomed at firework displays, they do need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. That being said, children have a tendency to wander off, so you should be vigilant and careful while driving through residential areas.

While many people will keep their pets indoors during firework season, there will always be the odd cat that manages to escape without knowing what lies ahead. Pets and wildlife present in the area can get spooked, running out into the road in front of you – resulting in an accident.

Stay vigilant!

It is a Good Idea to Walk

With hundreds and thousands of people across the UK expected to attend firework displays this year, traffic is likely to pile up in towns and cities. If you live nearby, why not leave the car at home and take a walk this year? Not only is walking in the crisp autumn air great for building anticipation and excitement, it is also faster, safer, and less taxing than getting caught up in a traffic jam.

When walking, avoid wearing dark colours as staying visible is important.

Be Responsible

If you are travelling by road to the fireworks display, always park your vehicle in a safe and considerate manner. Do not park carelessly; avoid parking in front of emergency exits or entry points. Furthermore, resist the urge to double-park no matter how tempting it might seem!

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