Adverse Weather Driving Tips

No matter how experienced a driver you are, it is essential to be prepared for bad weather this winter. Staying aware and alert at all times is especially important if you have bad credit. Why? Because finding car finance with poor credit can be harder to obtain, especially at short notice – such as an accident in bad weather.


While all drivers will do everything they possibly can to avoid it, being involved in an accident is often something that is not always avoidable during heavy rain, storms and even snow.

Being safe on the roads is of utmost importance during the winter months. Therefore, you must take some precautionary measures before you drive in these conditions. We’ve put together some tips to help you on your way.

Be Prepared

When driving this winter, you must prepare yourself beforehand. Check the weather in advance and give your car a once over befoe you set off. Don’t leave without ensuring you are suitably prepared with: proper clothing for the weather, food, water, jump cables, extra windshield washer fluid, a flashlight and a car toolbox. We would advise that you carry these essentials throughout the entire winter period to help you stay safe and warm should your car break down.

We would also recommend that you keep a jerry can of extra fuel in the boot, just in case.

Is your Car Ready?

Regular inspection of your car is important at all times. However, it becomes even more important when facing adverse weather conditions. Before the weather gets extremely rough, get your car inspected by a mechanic or another expert.

Ensure your engine is working properly, as well as checking your tyres, brakes, windscreen wipers and more. Furthermore, now is the time to get your anti-freeze levels topped up. Car inspections might be an added expense that you could do without, but it is far better to be safe while on the road.

Use the Right Tyres

You might think that you can cope without bad weather tyres, but it pays to be prepared. Buy in advance and ensure that they are in good condition before setting off on a journey.

As well as ensuring you have the right grip on the roads when faced with rain, ice and show, new tyres will have a much thicker tread making journeys much safer during wintry weather conditions.

Take a related driving course

You may or may not know about this: there are driving courses for driving in different weather conditions. The driving courses for the different weather conditions include winter driving course and a course for driving in fog. If you are nervous about driving in bad weather, taking a course like this could prove extremely beneficial.

With the correct preparation, accidents and incidents on your travels can be avoided. However, should the worst happen and you find yourself in need of a new car, then Infinity Finance can help. We offer car finance for poor credit with a simple application process – simply contact us today for more information.


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