It’s Time to Ride

The last few weeks in the build up to Christmas is one of the most expensive times for any household. While the notion of giving gifts during the festive period is by no means obligatory, it is a tradition that many have come to expect. Add to that the expense of attending work events, Christmas parties, Secret Santa’s left, right and centre and your extended family gathering and it’s no wonder we all spend January recovering!

And what can you always rely on when you’re already short of money? An expensive disaster. It might be a combination of bad weather and bad luck, but it is always at this time of year when your car or boiler decides to cease existence! No need to panic, though; our car finance for bad credit application means that you can solve this problem in minutes!

The best part about our individual car finance plans is that you won’t have anything to pay for five weeks, giving you a little breathing room before your repayments  start.

The Holidays are Coming

Perhaps you are going on holiday with your family this year – can you risk your car breaking down on the way to the airport with all the added weight of your luggage? Or perhaps your family caravan has given up the ghost this year leaving you with nowhere to go for those weekends away that you love so much? Maybe you need a second mode of transport and a motorbike is calling your name?

Whatever your reason for needing car finance, don’t let bad credit get in your way.

Credit You Can Rely On

As with any credit option, it is essential that you choose a deal that fits your budget. If you know that you cannot afford to repay substantial monthly payments, then it might be worth working out how much you can realistically put up front as a deposit.

Any deposit you make will reduce the amount of loan you require, thus bringing down your repayments. A good rule of thumb to remember with deposits is to pay at least 15-20% in advance. If you are looking at a car in a dealership that is £5000, you should look to pay a deposit of around £750-1000 in advance!

Whether you are looking for a car, motorbike or even a caravan, we can help you get back on the road.

Please contact our team today on 0161 292 8200.

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